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Humanity is hungry for its next phase of spiritual growth, and Love's First Hierarchy: A Practical Approach for Healing the Planet guides us on this new—and necessary—journey to becoming spiritual advocates for the welfare of the planet and ALL who call it home.

Other bestsellers teach readers they are spiritual beings in physical bodies. Through positive thinking, meditation and tapping into the power of their souls, they can manifest the lives they desire. But, where does this leave nature and the planet when human desires conflict with what is best for Earth and everything else that relies on it?

The next phase in spiritual evolvement is grasping the significance of our souls’ embodiment with a physical connection to a physical planet with limited resources. We are not souls stuck in bodies. We have bodies because we have a specific and very important job on Earth many of us are unaware of, and others are unknowingly misusing spiritual principles to manifest the life they want instead of the life they were meant to be living.

The next spiritual step up, according to the divine entity who communicated Hierarchy from Love to Ms. Holbrook, is realizing that although every living thing is equally connected and loved by God, there is a hierarchy to His creations. The Earth, nature, animals and all of Gods other creations are not here for us ... we are here for them. Think of the implications!

Ms. Holbrook is not a one-book wonder. There are other books in the Hierarchy from Love series. To her credit, Ms. Holbrook has an established platform with her wellness therapy business, Shift 4 Success. Her corporate sales and marketing experience has finely honed her public speaking skills, making her an engaging presenter before all types and sizes of audiences, and comfortable in any venue. She will parlay these skills into appealing workshops, book signings and interviews to promote her book.

Love's First Hierarchy by julie Holbrook

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