We give one-on-one service and will not accept more clients than we can give personalized attention to. Plus, we will not contract with you if we do not believe your manuscript has a reasonable chance of being published. Therefore, you must follow our submission guidelines and qualify before we will accept you as a client. Contact us for submission guidelines and fees.

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Discover your Book's Unique Path

Do you really need an agent to place your manuscript with a publisher? The answer is "maybe." 

If you seek a traditional publisher, and don't have a clue about the publishing industry, then you would definitely benefit from the services an agent can provide. We can help you secure an agent or act as your agent.

However, there are a variety of publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts, and it may unnecessary for you to pay an agent’s commission. Maybe all you need is a sure-fire proposal and query letter and someone to point you in the right direction.

We will engineer a targeted query letter and proposal and help you snag a publisher. Among other vital components, your detailed proposal will include:

  • An Overview
  • Primary & Secondary Audience ID with backup statistics
  • Competing Works Analysis
  • Author Biography
  • Detailed Table of Contents
  • Proposed Back Cover Copy
  • Marketing and Promotional Actions
  • Author platform
  • Potential Endorsement list

Already have some of the above items? No worries, if it meets industry standards, we will use it and only charge you for what we develop and edit. It’s up to you how much we do.

Are you an unpublished author looking to attract the right-fit publisher to your unpublished book? If your fiction or nonfiction manuscript was written to better humanity on a personal or global level, improve our moral or spiritual compass, or make the world a more loving place to live, then we can help you with:

  • Writing your query letter
  • Writing your proposal
  • Identifying right-fit publishers
  • Developing your author's platform
  • Website development
  • Website copy
  • Acting as your agent